Laser 1867 Diesel timing kit

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Diesel timing kit suitable for non-common rail diesel engines (1982-2002)

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This small timing pin kit includes the bolts for locking the diesel pump and camshaft when changing the belt on earlier non-common rail diesel fuel systems on PSA engines used in many Citroën | Peugeot.

  • The Laser Diesel Timing Kit 1867 is a set of essential tools for setting and locking the camshaft and diesel pump
  • Suitable for non-common rail diesel engines (1982-2002)
  • OEM reference included with the kit
  • Use on Citroën C15, Dispatch, Relay, Visa, Xantia, XM Xsara and ZX models also Fiat Ducato, Scudo, Ulyssee
  • Made in Sheffield

CodeOEM ToolcodeDescription
C062 7014-TJ
8 mm
1 860 863 000
Cranked Setting Pin 8mm
C063 M8 x 35mm M8 x 35mm Locking Screw
C064 M8 x 40mm M8 x 40mm Locking Screw
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