Chargertech has been founded in January 2007 from a predisposition with cars and especially engine performance. When looking for parts for my own projects I often found that parts were very expensive or had a very long delivery time. I also found that many of the sellers lacked the necessary expertise. Something which is very important within the tuning scene. Besides these points there are also very limited sellers of superchargers and additional parts within Europe.

Chargertech was started from home as a very small store with a limited range of products. This range of products has been expanded over time and is still expanding. Due to these expansions several years ago we moved to our facility in Boxtel. All of our product range expansions are customer based. As soon as we receive multiple requests for specific products we try to add them to our range and (where possible) put them in stock.

Information about parts, how they work and how they need to be installed are also an important part of what separates Chargertech from other web shops. We try to answer all incoming e-mails within one day. We also use a mobile telephone number so even when we are for instance working on a car we’re still able to help you. We also try to regularly write installation manuals or make pictures of installations to extra clarify how everything works and can be used.  

Chargertech has been intended as a web based store, but as we understand it is sometimes nice to have personal contact or see and feel the products before purchasing them, we also offer the possibility and welcome you to visit our store in Boxtel in the Netherlands.